You know I know we both have promises,
That I know you know we’re both gonna keep.
But that doesn’t mean that every now and then
My heart doesn’t miss a beat.
When I close my eyes and yesterday
is right there in my hands…
It’s a bittersweet reminder,
Of the way things might have been… Continue reading


The Game

***The only good thing about having a heart in anguish is that you can write and write and write and never run out of things to say!***

I was merely a girl when I gave you my hand,
It was nearly twenty years ago and yet
I’ve managed to be faithful, every single day.
But I know how the game is played.
Hell, I’ve seen you play it.
Sneaking outside to talk on your cell phone,
Saying it was just this guy about a car.
Funny, I never interrupted your transmission talk before.
Suddenly it’s so hard to hear when I’m near you.
But I play along, hell, maybe I’ll play my own game.
Maybe I will play with fire,
and let you lay on top of me sweating, wondering
If you’re even the one who ignited my desire. Continue reading