Angry Spouses


My husband just confessed that he makes me mad on purpose. He said he likes it when I get all feisty. He thinks it makes for some mean make-up sex. There’s only one problem with his confession…

When he pisses me off, there’s no way in hell I’m headed to bed to rip off my clothes! This is not a B-rated movie where there lovers get into a heated quarrel that leads to a mad-passionate-make-out session.

I’m not saying he has to bring wine and roses every time he wants to get lucky, but shutting his mouth about how much laundry is left to do might be a good idea. Putting me on the defense leads to only one thing– Bitch-mode!

Maybe I should just greet him in Bitch-mode from now on so he won’t feel the need to egg me towards it. He could walk in the door, I could call him a jack-ass, and we could straight-up get naked on the living room floor…

What do you think?



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