I was never a fan of the iPhone. From the moment iPod’s emerged I though Apple added and i and overcharged for their stuff, but I just found a reason to love the iPhone. I’ve confessed before that sometimes in the middle of the night I hide in the bathroom and play Ruzzle on my hubby’s iPhone. I have been so depressed and overwhelmed by my life that sleep rarely comes to me. My brain won’t shut down because it’s too busy to making lists of the things I need to get done, the bills I need to get paid, the conversations I need to have but avoid… I could go on, but long-story-short for months I would stare at that stupid little screen until the light made my eyes tired enough to finally close them. The one night I tip-toed to the bathroom only to find Ruzzle had been deleted.


It didn’t rock my world or anything, it’s just a stupid game I used to count sheep. I figured it must have drove him crazy with notifications or something so I never said a word about it and I never turned on his iPhone in the night again. The one night my blood sugar dropped to 53 in the middle of the night. I woke up dizzy and woozy. I am new at this whole “diabetic” bullshit but I knew enough to quickly check my sugar level. After spending the summer in the 300 range, I didn’t know what to think about 53, so I grabbed the iPhone to Google some answers. After reading a few pages that suggested I was in trouble, I crawled to the kitchen and drank the very soda I have avoided for four months now, and finally started to feel normal again, but the scare kept me from falling back asleep so I started to play with the phone, seeking to wear my eyes out.

Here’s where I found something I still don’t know how I arrived at… it was a prompt that asked me if I wanted to undelete messages! Undelete? Really? I’ve never seen that before. So I said “yes” and that’s when Pandora’s box opened up.

There were girls I knew about, like the tramp Kelsey who had the nerve to ask my husband to babysit her 2-year-old one day. Yo bitch, he doesn’t watch his own kids, good luck with that! But there were new names, names I had never heard of. Now I’m not against male-female friendships. I’m not even against flirting from time to time. I just think you gotta be careful not to send mixed messages. It’s fine to say “you’re a sexy beast”, it’s not fine to say “let’s meet at the bar”…


Every relationship has it own rules, and everyone can have their own opinions, but I always thought flirting was a way to keep life exciting. Thanks Dawn, Mandi, and Tina for making me wish I had never okay-ed the occasional banter that entertains me endlessly. Apparently some people can’t play with fire without burning themselves…

Ok, so I had never heard of these girls before, which is strange when my husband usually tells me everything, even the things I would never wanna know. I’m not really the jealous type. I may have had jealous moments when I was young, but I’m old enough to know better. I had nothing I was really worried about. Until I undeleted things…

Now Dawn and Mandi seem like smart girls. They remind this hopeless fool that he’s married quite often. I don’t mind their presence in his phone, even though the deleting makes me wonder if his intentions were something to hide, but Tina, well Tina is tomorrow’s post.

The CONFESSIONS are BACK cuz this BITCH has a lot to get off her chest!


4 thoughts on “iConfess

  1. Does not sound good. Whatever else goes on from here on out, be sure to take care of yourself. Keep yourself healthy for you and the kids. Whatever the outcome, you need to be in fighting condition. Kickboxing seems to work for a lot of women. All the leg and arm movements of zumba and tae bo with a target at the other end for releasing aggressions.

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