Between the Sheets

So I haven’t blogged much the past few weeks. It’s been busy around here. Busy falling in love! With, of all people, MY HUSBAND!

My teenage daughter finally ditched her loser boyfriend. This boy has kept me up late at night for weeks at a time wondering when he is going to disappear. I just couldn’t stand watching my gorgeous daughter settle for this total douche bag, and no, I’m not exaggerating.

This guy doesn’t have a car, he always rides in hers. Okay, fine, not every kid can get a car. But has he ever once paid for the gas in that car? Then a few months ago my overachiever who happens to be the busiest girl I’ve ever seen decided she needed a job too. On top of school and the hundred other things she was involved in she started waiting tables. I couldn’t understand her need for more money. We pay her for taking her little brother to school, and we pay her to clean house- not a fortune, but enough for a kid her age to have pocket-money all week. Then I figured it out. The only time the douche was calling her is when he was hungry. So off she’d go to take him to McDonalds or Taco Bell and he couldn’t even come watch a movie with her.

Then came the news that her grandpa has cancer and this guy won’t even let her cry on his shoulder after dating him for 2 years. Finally I could no longer keep my mouth shut. I didn’t tell her what to do, I just pointed out that it appeared that she was being used, for her pretty face and cute car and her wallet in the drive-thru. I said my piece and moved on, because that’s all you can do sometimes. If you harp on things, you push them away. If you hate the boy, she will hold him longer, so I faked a smile every time she said his name while praying she was about to get a clue. It still took her four months to let it sink in. I think she has been constantly trying to prove to herself that I was wrong, but the poor dumb boy failed every test, and finally, she cut him loose.

Now why would this make me love my husband more? Well she found a boy so much like her Daddy that it has me feeling all nostalgic. Truthfully I’m sitting on some legal advice, I was considering a legal separation as my next move, but it’s possible that come Christmas, I may just want him in my stocking!

I’m scared to get my hopes up too high, but not only has my daughter inspired me to love him again, but a little conversation with my best friend inspired him to LOVE me right! Last weekend I sat on the couch while he chatted away on Facebook. I knew he would be nosing into my conversation, so I purposely talked about how the Energizer Bunny needed new batteries! I told my friend I missed the husband who could rock my world. In fact, I even said “I need to have an affair with some young energetic stud muffin”… If I had known all I had to do was shame him back into shape I would have done it long long ago!

After he overheard my conversation, he did set out to rock my world. So with his new efforts between the sheets and my memories of the way it used to be, there’s hope. Now if only he will go with me to some marriage counseling, learn to shut his mouth and pick up some laundry off the floor, we might make it another decade… wish me luck!

between the sheets


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