You know I know we both have promises,
That I know you know we’re both gonna keep.
But that doesn’t mean that every now and then
My heart doesn’t miss a beat.
When I close my eyes and yesterday
is right there in my hands…
It’s a bittersweet reminder,
Of the way things might have been…

If only you had said what you had to say,
If only I had said what my heart knew,
Maybe all the promises I’ve made
Could have been promises to you…
Sometimes I ache to go back in time
To feel you take me by the hand
But now we’ve both made promises,
And I don’t think that they would understand

There was a moment in the moonlight
That once passed between you and me
And we were too scared to hold on to it,
But it might have set us free
There was a love brewing in two hearts
And those hearts never became one
And now the promises we’ve made
Will leave that love undone

 Cuz I know you know I would never hurt him
And you know I know you wouldn’t break her heart
But that doesn’t mean that every now and then
We can’t dream about the way we were
Before promises were made and life went on
And you became the lyrics to a lost love song
Before our chance was lost and things went wrong,
When we were still standing there,


                      to fall

                                           in love…



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