Lookin’ for trouble

I think I’m looking for trouble, or maybe trouble is looking for me. I used to love my cable guy. I called in more trouble tickets than anyone in town, but who could blame me? He was adorable. He’d come over, fix the cable, give my kids guitar lessons, help me with the yard work, and tackle anything not-cable-related on my to-do list with a smile on his face. I’d gladly serve him sweet tea and fix him a plate of supper. I can’t tell you how many times my hubby came home to find me all smiles while staring at this delicious 25 year old. Then one day, he got a better job, and happy as I was for him, I was never as satisfied with my cable again. Continue reading


He loves me, he loves me NOT!

I have come to the conclusion that it is entirely possible to both love and hate your spouse all in the same week. Sometimes it happens all in the same day. Take the last few days for example. Sunday my husband helped me barbeque. He actually helped, not just lit the fire. He cooked ribs and chicken and sausage and he helped me peel the potatoes for potato salad. We worked that kitchen like we were a team, he even helped me pass out the kids plates and pour drinks.

I know, you’re wondering why this is a big deal… well, I ruined my husband. Years ago, we were young, we only had one kid. He worked hard in the heat, I had a cushy job at the mall. So I scrubbed his grime out of the tub, I washed his socks, I cooked every meal we ever ate, I ironed his shirts, I served him iced tea while he watched TV and at first it worked just fine.

Fast forward 17 years then add a whole lotta kids to the mix and life isn’t all sunshine and roses, yet he still looks for that sweet young girl to bring him an iced tea. Meanwhile I’m wondering if we could fit a margarita machine into our kitchen. Don’t you think margaritas are necessary when your house is over run by spoiled teenagers? Continue reading

Splish Splash- I was takin’ a bath…

It’s no secret that I’ve been pretty vocal with the hubby about spicing up the bedroom boredom that has sunk in. Part of the problem here is that he set the bar so very high in our early years. I remember living in our first apartment, furnished in everyone else’s toss outs… It was nothing for us to shake the sheets 3 or 4 times a day. The old lady who lived underneath us once told me she knew exactly when he got home every night!  But its not the quantity I miss nearly as much as it is the quality.

I used to think it was ironic that I called my hubby the energizer bunny only to find out his ex-wife had given him the same nickname. Now, let’s just say he could use some fresh batteries because he no longer keeps going and going and going… Continue reading